King Scholars Seminar Papers


Gerald L. Aben, A Whole New World: Supporting Socially Responsible Business Through Legislation

Linus Banghart-Linn, PICS, or it Won't Happen

Brandon Lupp, The New Organic: It's Time for a National ‘Green' Certification Program

Lesley Anne M. Durant, Wright or Wrong? Post-Nuptial Agreements in Michigan's Modern Marriages after Wright v. Wright

Scott McNurlen, In-House Research Tools and the Free Testing Safe Harbor from Patent Infringement for FDA-Related Activities

The following papers were also written as King Scholar Theses, but the authors requested that the papers not be published on this web site, primarily because they are seeking alternative venues or entering their papers in writing competitions.

Christopher Bidlack, Regulating the Inevitable: Understanding the Legal Consequences of and Providing for the Regulation of the Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide

Nancy Decker, Comparing Post-incarceration Sex offender Civil Commitment laws:  Is there a Model Worth Following?

Brent Lee Domann, The Bilateral State of Nature: Bargaining Power, Social Contract, and the Death Penalty

Lauren Foley, Reinstating Same-Sex Marriage in California: A Strategic Response to Proposition 8

Erica E. L. Huddas, Estate Planning in the Recession and under a New Administration

Karly Zande, When the School Bully Attacks in the Living Room: Using Tinker to Regulate Off-Campus Student Cyberbullying