King Scholar Senior Seminar Papers 2007

Whitney D. Arnot, Opting Out of Options Backdating:  Preventing Continuing Corporate Frauds in Light of the Options Backdating Scandal

Brook Bisonet, Bankrupt and Not allowed to work: The Statutory, Precedential, and Policy Reasons for Excluding Agent Certifications from a Debtor’s Bankruptcy Estate

Kathrin Chambers, Failure to Warn Products Liability for Manufacturers of FDA-Approved Drugs

Christopher Desmond, False Security: Kyllo and Thermal Imaging of the Non-Residential Structure

Meggan E. Dyer, Improving Public Education: Judicial Involvement V. the Free Market

Jamie Alis Hardy, Sex, Lies, and Surgery: The Role of Informed Consent in Sex Assignment and Normalization Surgeries Preformed on Intersex Minors

Mary Hobson, Separation of Church and State: The Marriage Exception

Inga Hofer, TheRise of Courtroom Technology and its Effect on the Federal Rules of Evidence and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Michael O., Jr. King, Societal Enterprise Liability: A Moral Justification for Affirmative Action

Gregory R. Kish, Refocusing Inheritance Law in Michigan: A Proposal to Realign Michigan Inheritance Law with its Purpose

Layla F. Kuhl, Rancho Palos: Precluding Section 1983’s Relief through Implied Rights of Action and Implied Remedies

David E. Lacasse, Wilkie v. Auto-Owners Insurance Company and the Doctrine of Reasonable Expectations in Michigan: No Special Rules for Insurance Contracts

Diana Marie Langdon, Testing the Boundaries of Michigan Constitution Article 1 § 26: Are Domestic Violence Programs at Risk?

Jessica R. Mainprize, The World is Sinking:PossibleStrategies for United States International Accountability to Pacific Island Nations for Global Warming Contributions

Josh McCann, TheReality of Making Partner: The Red Pill May Be Tough to Swallow

Steven Meyerand, AFair Trial for the Worst of Crimes

Nathan Piwowarski, Prosecutorial Discretion and the Rule of Law: Is it Time for a Little Formalism?  (Or, Mr. Prosecutor: How Formalists Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Discretion)

Raquel A. Salas, TheShattering of a Solid Rock: Would the DNA Act, as currently enforced by the Federal Government, Survive a Strict Scrutiny Challenge under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act?

Krysten Urchick, U.S.Education Law: Is the Right to Education in the U.S. in compliance with International Human Rights Standards?

Theodore J. Westbrook, How and Why We Should Know Less: Information Privacy in Cyberspace

Nicholas Zambito, Does Intelligent Design Have a Prayer?