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Your legal education as a new, first-year law student at MSU begins with Immersion Week, a mandatory component of the 1L program that is designed to help you transition from being an undergraduate student to a law student. Immersion Week includes your first required course, Foundations of Law, a commitment to professionalism program, the opportunity to meet and interact with faculty members and classmates, and an optional service project.

Immersion Week dates: August 17-21, 2015.*

Welcome Letter from the Office of Student Engagement

Preview of the summer months:

  • The Online Orientation program, consisting of short videos, readings, and tutorials will be available on or before July 22. The Online Orientation will provide important information about a variety of topics, ranging from academic and administrative policies to an introduction of law school personnel. Completion of the Online Orientation program is mandatory.
  • Incoming students are expected to complete three readings during the summer months.  These are in addition to assignments for the RWA and other classes.  (In early August, the Admitted Candidate website will be updated with links to assignments for the Research, Writing, and Analysis course that meets during Immersion Week.)
  • Incoming 1L and Dual J.D. international students (from any country, including Canada) are required to participate in a day-long program scheduled for Friday, August 14. Details to follow.
  • Monday, August 24 marks the start of your remaining 1Lclasses. You may access the Fall 2015 schedule for details about class meeting days/times/rooms/faculty. Please note that each of your classes will have first assignments posted online in early August, so continue to check back regularly in order to be prepared.

*A finalized Immersion Week schedule will be released by July 15.

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