Fall Semester Food Policies

Per Dean Linda Sheryl Greene, 8/27/21

Events with Food

We will not have food at College of Law events during the Fall 2021 semester. This applies to both indoor and outdoor events. After consultation with faculty advisors and senior College of Law administrators, I believe that this straightforward policy will provide protection to our beloved community of students, scholars, and staff.

This restriction applies to outside groups who use our building and to our student organizations. It also applies to off-site group gatherings hosted in an official capacity (e.g., a professor taking her or his class out for a meal or a student organization hosting a meet-and-greet at a restaurant).

Just as we have stayed connected with one another throughout the pandemic, I know that we will find ways to engage as a community even when food is not provided

Food in the Classroom

Consistent with MSU policies, College of Law students should refrain from eating or drinking during class to avoid having to remove their masks. If they do consume food or drinks during class, they should remove their masks only briefly to take a sip or bite, and they must replace the mask properly between each bite and sip. I trust that professors will make and enforce reasonable policies regarding eating in their classrooms.

Food in the Law College Building

Members of College of Law faculty and staff are free to consume food and beverages unmasked in their enclosed offices and workspaces. If a College of Law employee requires a private place to eat, s/he should email Teresa Eldred in Human Resources for help in accessing a space. Whenever possible, faculty and staff should refrain from eating and drinking in the indoor public spaces of the building. If they must do so, they should remove their masks only briefly to take a sip or bite and replace the mask between each bite and sip.

Similarly, students must adhere to this policy if they eat in the indoor public spaces of the Law College Building (including the fourth-floor study spaces and the Law Library).