Accompanying Course

LAW 810S, Current Issues in Food Law
2 credits
Online: May 13-July 3, 2024
On campus requirement: May 28-30, 2024
Tuition: $950/credit hour

LAW 810S, Current Issues in Food Law, gives students the opportunity to investigate changing areas in food law actively, as opposed to courses that typically cover well settled areas of law.

Food law is changing rapidly and it is incumbent upon those working in the industry to stay abreast of those changes. This course gives students the opportunity to look a little more closely at changes and current issues happening in food law, allowing them to spend time investigating, discussing the issues, and sharing their thoughts and experiences with those in other industries or areas.

Attendance at the Current Issues Conference in East Lansing on May 28-30, 2024, is required. Students should expect to interact with one another and representatives in practice and industry during the on-campus conference. Students will also interact with each other inside the online classroom via weekly discussion board postings and in communication regarding their chosen paper topic.

The course provides students:

  • A thorough understanding of the emerging issues in global food law and policy
  • The ability to evaluate and understand the most current and controversial regulatory and litigation issues
  • Increased professional development and networking skills
  • The opportunity to dig a little deeper into what is going on in industry by highlighting current legal issues in food law
  • Experience at collaborating with one another on issues that are impacting them currently across practice areas and industries

Student assessment includes:

  • Pre-seminar assignments
  • Conference participation
    • Attend and engage with speakers and other conference participants
  • Responses to required readings or discussion board questions
  • Issue presentation
    • Students present to the rest of the class an issue that they currently have in their practice or industry.
  • Written paper
    • Students write a paper on a topic of their choice related to a current issue in food law

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