Bar Loans

Bar Loans are available to law students graduating from Michigan State University College of Law, although in some cases lenders will approve a loan after graduation. Loans are used to cover expenses such as Bar Review courses, Bar application fees and related expenses for bar study. Approval for Bar Loans is determined by the lender; in some cases students must have a co-signer or co-borrower. Although payment from a Bar Loan usually is made directly to the borrower, the Office of Financial Aid still must approve and certify most Bar Loans.  In addition, the Office of Financial Aid will certify a maximum of $15,000 in bar loan(s) whether from one or more than one lender.  Finally, before applying for any bar loan we recommend you review your credit report at to resolve any inconsistencies or discrepancies.

While the Office of Financial Aid does not endorse any specific Bar Loan we do encourage you to read all fine print on websites and applications. We also encourage you to make sure you have taken any student and/or alternative loan already available to you for the aid year before seeking a Bar Loan. The lenders listed below (in no particular order) have provided private loans to MSU students in the past three years. We recommend you review the terms and conditions of several lenders before applying.

***Please note you cannot consolidate Bar Loans with your Stafford and/or Direct Loans.***