Greta Hogan, '16, Designed Her Own Focus Area

Greta Hogan knew what area of law she wanted to study at MSU, but first she had to create it. “I created my own focus area of Fashion Law,” she said. “I created and now edit my Fashion Law blog, The Fashion Docket.” Her blog won 1st place in MSU College of Law's 2016 Social Media Contest.

After her first year of law school, Greta attended Fordham Law School’s Fashion Law Bootcamp. “It was there that I decided I would pursue a legal career focused on representing designers, brands, and businesses within the fashion industry,” Greta said.

She wrote her upper-level writing requirement (ULWR) on the topic of wearable technology and privacy implications those fashion items might raise. “I also just finished a paper on forced child labor in sweatshops around the world,” Greta said. “And I took courses on trademark and copyright. This collaboration earned me a spot as a Student Reporter at the 2016 ABA Intellectual Property Conference in Bethesda, Maryland.”      

Greta said the atmosphere at MSU Law helped her build her dream. “It’s unlike any other law school,” she said. “Not only within the law building, but within the law student community. The law school has provided me with all the tools I needed to succeed. With hard work, dedication, and perseverance, I accomplished everything I set out to accomplish and more.”

She’s grateful for the many outstanding professors she met in law school, but she said three professors in particular stand out. 

“First, Professor Nancy Costello has been supportive of my choice to pursue a career in Fashion Law since my research and writing course my 1L year. I then completed her 1st Amendment Clinic my 2L year and was blown away by her dedication to freedom of speech. I appreciated her genuine personality and dedication to her craft,” Greta said.

“Second, Professor Brian Pappas has been inspirational in introducing me to facilitative mediation,” she said. Greta became a certified civil and domestic mediator after completing Professor Pappas’ courses. She also went on to compete in London with the mediation team in February of 2015.

“Finally, Professor Mary Bedikian was a joy to work with during my third year of law school,” Greta said. “Not only did I take her Labor Law course, but I was also a member of her Arbitration Team that competed in Atlanta this past fall. She is a wonderful professor and friend.”

Greta’s advice to others is simple. “There will always be people who do not agree with your career paths, your choices along the way, or even your point of view, but throughout your journey, you have to stay true to yourself because the only way to do good work is to love what you do,” she said.