MSU College of Law

Our Statement of Purpose

The Housing Law Clinic at the Michigan State University College of Law is a multifaceted law school clinic committed to providing the low to moderate income residents of Michigan with legal advocacy on housing and related consumer problems or issues in a variety of ways.  Our topic areas for advocacy and reform include: landlord-tenant, housing discrimination, public housing, subsidized housing, land contracts, land use, foreclosures, affordable housing, and homeownership.  Our manner of advocacy is direct assistance, legal advice and counsel, research and scholarship, education, media outreach, policy development, and public programming.  Our students work under the supervision of experienced legal professionals and educators.  They will always work to ensure the best outcome for those who seek our assistance.

The Housing Law Clinic works daily to improve and reform the overall housing landscape in the state of Michigan.  The clinic also works with other advocates, locally and nationally, to address housing issues in Michigan and the United States.  We are interested in working with any party or stakeholder who supports and advances the cause of safe, decent, sanitary, fair, open, and affordable housing.  We will partner and work with anyone committed to a vibrant housing market that satisfies this goal.

Examples of legal matters that the Clinic is prepared to handle are:

  • Reviewing court documents and other documents related to homeownership, rental disputes, and other housing disputes
  • Seeking damages and specific performances from housing providers due to violations of the law
  • Representing individuals in housing disputes in Michigan courts involving rental issues or homeownership issues
  • Evaluating and/or filing housing discrimination complaints under federal and state law
  • Fighting the termination of public housing subsidies dues to wrongful allegations or inappropriate cause
The Housing Law Clinic is available to give presentations on housing and related consumer issues to your organization. For more information please contact the Director of the Housing Law Clinic, Brian Gilmore at 517-336-8088.

All services are provided free of charge to clients; however, in some cases clients will be responsible for paying all related court costs, such as filing fees.