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Clinic Faculty and Staff

kinseyCaroline Kinsey, Teaching Fellow and Attorney

Professor Kinsey has extensive legal experience in the realms of intellectual property, labor and employment, transactional law, and civil litigation.  Prior to joining the Urban Agriculture Law Practicum, Professor Kinsey served as a Supervising Attorney of the Michigan State University College of Law Small Business & Nonprofit Law Clinic and practiced law in New York City and Long Island where she led and handled a wide variety of legal matters for clients ranging from Title VII employment discrimination lawsuits to drafting licensing agreements and assisting with corporate mergers. She has successfully argued before the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board and the Equal Opportunity Commission. Additionally, Professor Kinsey worked as Legal Counsel for a professional arena football team, where she conducted research on copyright, grant, licensing, and entertainment law issues, and reviewed entertainment law and film tax-exemption matters. Professor Kinsey is published nationally and internationally in the fields of family, entertainment, and intellectual property law.  In December of 2012, she earned her LL.M./M.J. in Intellectual Property and Communications Law from Michigan State University College of Law, where she drafted, “CSI: From the Television to the Courtroom” which was published by the University of Virginia School of Law Sports & Entertainment Law Journal in 2012.  Since drafting CSI, Professor Kinsey has dedicated her scholarship to investigating the parameters of United States Copyright Act as related to Mashup Artists and advocating for the restructuring of the current National Football League appeals procedures as outlined in the recent Collective Bargaining Agreement. Both topics have been examined extensively through her 2013 and 2014 publications with the University of California and the University of Virginia, respectively.

As a Supervising Attorney for the Urban Agriculture Practicum, Professor Kinsey educates second and third-year law students in the areas of corporate formation, zoning, intellectual property and contract drafting, and supervises student clinicians as they provide transactional law services to small business, cooperative, and non-profit clients. 

Contact Professor Kinsey at 517-336-8088 ext. 1033 or via e-mail at

Bar Admissions:New York State, Third Department; U.S. District Court, E.D.N.Y; U.S. District Court, S.D.N.Y.; Michigan; U.S. District Court, E.D.M.I.; U.S. District Court, S.D.M.I.; District of Columbia

Education:B.S; J.D.; LL.M./M.J.


  • NFL Fines for on-field Discipline: Evaluating alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and remodeling current on-field disciplinary and appeals procedures for helmet-to-helmet hits (forthcoming, VA. SPORTS & ENT. L.J.(2013))
  • Smashing the Copyright Act to Make Room for the MASHUP Artist: How a Four-Tiered Matrix Better Accommodates Evolving Technology and Needs of the Entertainment Industry, 35 HASTINGS COMM. & ENT L.J., 303, 303-329(2013)
  • CSI: From the Television to the Courtroom, 11 VA. SPORTS & ENT. L.J. 313, 313-361(2012)
  • Revisiting the Role of the Psychological Parent in the Dissolution of…,19 BUFF. J. GENDER L. & SOC. POL'Y. 75, 75-106(2010) Recognized by the Journal of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 25 J. AM. ACAD. MATRIM. LAW, 533, 552(2013)
  • The Role of the Psychological Parent in the Dissolution of…,INT'L J. OF DISCRIMINATION & L., Vol. 10(3), 133-48(2009)

Works In Progress:

  • Problem Solving Approaches to Conflict Resolution, Vol. 2 (Research Assistant to Michigan State University College of Law Professor George T. Roumell, Jr.)(Textbook forthcoming, 2013).


  • Michigan Business Network Radio Show, “Legal Impact Hour, ” interviewed by Kimberly P. Hafley, Director of Marketing & Recruitment at Foster Swift Collins & Smith, PC for three radio segments regarding the services provided by the Michigan State University Small Business & Nonprofit Law Clinic. Original Air Date: September 7, 2012.

Summer 2014 Clinic Students

libby2014Libby Busdicker is a second-year law student and Michigan native. Libby received her Bachelor of Arts from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and has returned to Michigan with plans to live in Detroit upon graduation. She interned with the Honorable Lita M. Popke in Wayne County’s circuit courts in the Summer of 2013. Currently, she is a member of the Michigan State Law Review and a blogger for MSU Law’s Beyond Clause 8. Her interest in Land Use Law, along with a love for Detroit and eating, have motivated her to promote urban farming and local food through legal advocacy.

Michael Marshall is a third-year law student at the Michigan State University College of Law. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice and Spanish from Grand Valley State University. He is active in many organizations at the Law College, including the Christian Legal Society and Black Law Students Association. Michael is from Detroit, Michigan and has been blessed to have worked in both the Law Offices of Jeffrey Edison and the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office. His ultimate goal is to be a United States Supreme Court Justice. Because he is very passionate about Detroit, Michael seeks to do everything he can to help revitalize the city and serve its people with excellence. He has chosen to work in the Urban Food, Farm, and Agriculture Law Clinic to help secure Detroit’s future by building a sustainable economy and a wealth of businesses focused on providing healthy food options.

Jonathan Arias is a 2L from Homestead, FL. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Psychology and in Agriculture from Florida A&M University. His family moved to an avocado grove when he was 10, and that sparked his interest in agriculture throughout high school on to law school. He is a serial entrepreneur who has launched several companies. His first was a bakery that he launched as a senior in college. For the past two years he has been an independent small business consultant and has helped several companies improve marketing, improve systems, and raise revenue.  He is married and has one son and a daughter who will be born in July 2014

Chris Richards is a third-year law student at Michigan State University College of Law.  Chris received his Bachelors of Science in Political Science/Pre-Law with minors in History and English from Northern Michigan University in May, 2011. His interest in urban agriculture and environmental advocacy began through his love of hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.  These interests have since developed through his experiences living, working, and volunteering in Marquette Michigan, an environmentally friendly and outdoor oriented community.   Chris hopes to assist the city of Detroit in developing their urban agriculture movement through the Clinic as well as his life experiences.  He also hopes to focus his career around the renaissance of Detroit, which will be led by small businesses and non-profits such as urban farms.  When not consumed by law school related activities, Chris enjoys hiking, skiing, golfing, tennis, camping, swimming, and just about any other outdoor sport or activity.

Nellie David is a third year law student from southern Arizona. Nellie received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Arizona State University. She has previously interned for the Tohono O’odham Nation’s Legislative Attorney’s Office in Arizona and is currently working towards a certificate in Indigenous Law and Policy along with her J.D. She currently works for the MSU Indigenous Law and Policy Center as part of the Quicwa Compliance Collaborative. Her involvement in the practicum stems from an interest sustainable and innovative methods to improve the health and lives of communities through urban food, farm, and agriculture. She enjoys food, travel, camping, and music. 

James M. Curcio is a third-year law student from Garnerville, New York. James received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, with a minor in Philosophy, from Syracuse University, and thereafter spent time working for the New York State Legislature and an estates and trusts firm before deciding to attend law school at Michigan State. James is co-founder of the Phillip Mathangani Foundation, a fledgling nonprofit organization that administers an annual scholarship to college-bound high school graduates and provides college mentoring services to students in his hometown. He is passionate about the environment, the ability of urban farming to revitalize communities and improve public health, transparency and accountability in business and government, and the growing impact and importance of not-for-profit organizations. Upon being admitted to the bar, James intends on practicing in the fields of estates and trusts, tax law, and not-for-profit business corporation law. When time allows, James enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and big-budget HBO series.

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