On-Campus Recruiting Program

On-Campus Interviews

We invite you to recruit MSU Law Students for your Summer and Entry-Level positions – please visit this page soon for August 2023 interview dates.

Connect with our current students through any of the options below:

  • In-Person Interviews - Work with our office to manage the recruitment process. Students view your posting; applications are collected and sent to you. Employers pre-select all interviews, and schedules are created and coordinated utilizing CASE (powered by 12Twenty).
  • Virtual Interviews - Same services as above; CASE provides a portal through which virtual interview links can be housed for the meeting platform of your choice (Zoom, Webex, Teams, Google Hangout, GoToMeeting, or BlueJeans).

In addition to OCI, we also offer the following ways to promote your positions to our students

  • Resume Collect: Post opportunities with your organization in CASE. Our office will collect and transmit an application packet to you via email. You independently arrange interviews with students. Email your job posting directly and request a “Resume Collect”.
  • Direct Sends: Students view your posting in CASE and send applications directly to you on a rolling basis. You contact applicants directly to arrange interviews. Post your position by completing an online form https://www.law.msu.edu/careers/jobs/index.php or emailing your posting to hire@law.msu.edu. For questions, please free to contact Michelle Mitchell or call 517-432-6856.
  • Informational Programs/Virtual Open Houses: Approximately 50% of our students are interested in working outside of Michigan. If your firm or organization is hosting an online information session or open house, we welcome your invitations for our students to attend! Please send event information to fanningcarl@law.msu.edu

We ask that prospective employers please review and sign the Guidelines for Employers Regarding Recruitment (PDF).

Have positions to post throughout the year?

You can request an OCI date, and enter and manage your own postings by creating a personal account in CASE. Or, post your position by completing an online posting form or emailing your posting to hire@law.msu.edu. For questions, please free to contact Michelle Mitchell at michelle.mitchell@law.msu.edu or 517-432-6856.