MSU College of Law

Naming Opportunities

Law College Naming Opportunities
Law College Per Discussion
Building-wide Technology $1,000,000
Fourth Floor $1,000,000
First, Second or Third Floor $750,000
Trustee/Alumni Board Room Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Castle
Large Classroom Irvin and June Yackness (2), L.D. and Frances MacLean & Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Castle
Deans’ Suite $500,000
Admissions Suite $300,000
Career Services Suite $300,000
Computer Lab $250,000
Distance Learning Classroom $250,000
DCL Heritage Gallery $250,000
Registrar’s Office $200,000
Small Classroom (4) $250,000
Deans’ Conference Room Professor Emeritus Edward J. Littlejohn
Development/Alumni Suite $250,000
Front Entrance Lobby $300,000
Seminar Room (4) $250,000
Student Organization Suite David and Pat Sparrow
Marketing Suite $200,000
Law Review Office Lilyan I. Marx Estate
Journal of Medicine and Law Office $100,000
Journal of International Law Office $100,000
Student Bar Association Janet H. Richwine
Student Lounge (2) In Memory of John A. Downs & Consumers Energy Foundation
Faculty Office $100,000
Faculty Lounge $100,000
Staff Lounge $100,000
RWA Office $25,000
Career Interview Room $25,000
Student Organization Office $20-25,000
Law Library
Law Library John F. Schaefer
Legal Periodical Collection of the Library $300,000
Library Administration Suite $250,000
Law Library Reading Room $250,000
Library Microtext Room $100,000
Head Librarian Office $75,000
Library Conference Room $75,000
Reference/Circulation Desk Richard Heiss
Librarian Office (7) $25-40,000
Library Staff Room $25,000
Library Group Conference Room (5) $25,000
Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Greco, Albert Lopatin, David M. Miro, & Jerry and Justine Raymond
Library Open Staircase $25,000
Library Copy Room $15,000
Circulation Workspace In Memory of Irving B. Ackerman
Study Carrel in Library (164) $5,000
Moot Court
Moot Court Room Clif and Carolyn Haley
Moot Court Office Norman and Beverly Lippitt
Moot Court Judge’s Bench Peter J. Lucido
Moot Court Jury Box Judge and Mrs. Thomas and Helen Van Tiem
Moot Court Judge’s Chair (3) $25,000
Mr. and Mrs. Bart A. Lewis
Chairs for Defense and Plaintiff Tables in Moot Court (6) $25,000
Margaret A. Costello, Charles E. Langton, Daniel M. Clark, Simkins & Simkins PC, & Jules B. Olsman and Barbara L. Grossman Olsman
Chairs for Bailiffs, Witness, and Recorder (4) $25,000
Moot Court Podium Marvin Novick
Seat in Moot Court Room (60) $10,000
Academic Naming Opportunities
Chair in Law (new position) $2,500,000
Chair in Law (existing position) $1,500,000
Distinguished Professor of Law $1,000,000
Professor of Law $500,000
Scholar in Law $250,000
Endowed Scholarship $30,000