MSU College of Law

Frequently Asked Questions Relating to the Wait List Process

Why does the Admissions Committee maintain a Wait List?
The Admissions Committee maintains a Wait List for a number of reasons, including our reliance on a “rolling-admissions” review process, year-to-year variance in the percentage of admitted candidates who accept our offer of admission, and cancellations from among those candidates who initially inform us of their intention to enroll at the College of Law. 

As a Wait List candidate, will my application be reviewed again?
If you inform us of your continuing interest in admission, the Admissions Committee will re-review your application in its entirety.  If you wish to supplement your application with additional information that speaks to your ability, your motivation for law as a career, and/or your interest in MSU Law, you are welcome to do so. 

When will offers of admission be made to candidates on the Wait List?
The Admissions Committee typically extends offers of admission from the Wait List on a monthly basis beginning in March or April and continuing through August.   In recent years, the Admissions Committee has admitted as many 120 candidates from the Wait List.

How many candidates are invited to receive consideration via the Wait List?
The number of candidates on the Wait List varies.   In the late winter and early spring months, the number can exceed 150.  In the early summer months, the number typically is less than 75.  In late summer, the number typically is less than 25.

Does the Committee rank or group Wait List candidates?
The Committee will group candidates on the Wait List in the second half of June. 

Is there any other action I should take in anticipation of an offer of admission?
If you expect to rely on loan assistance to finance your legal education, we encourage you to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and list MSU Law as a recipient.  If you anticipate the need to borrow beyond the $20,500 available in the Stafford Loan, we suggest you review your credit record to ensure that it is free of inaccuracies.