Matthew Stout

Associate Attorney at Edward Allen

2016 | Grand Rapids, MI

University of Phoenix

“The environment at MSU Law is collaborative rather than competitive.”

For Matthew Stout, the 1L experience exceeded his expectations. “The environment at MSU Law is collaborative rather than competitive, and I believe we sincerely want to see each other succeed,” he said.

When asked to name his favorite professor, Matt can’t choose between Professor Daniel Barnhizer and Professor Hannah Brenner. “Their styles are different but equally beneficial,” he said. “Professor Barnhizer makes class interesting, and he challenges his students to apply their newfound knowledge. Professor Brenner presents material in a linear fashion that effectively builds on the information gained in each class. She was also a tremendous help in making herself available outside of class to help her students improve their exam-taking strategies.”

Matt said the first semester of law school taught him how best to approach his studies. “Of course, I wish I would have had this knowledge prior to the start of classes, but some things we learn best by doing,” he said. “In addition, each of us have found certain strategies that work best for us individually. Having said that, I am determined to significantly improve my outlining strategies during the semester rather than wait until finals are looming.”

Outside of class, Matt likes to spend time with his wonderful, supportive wife and their five children. He also spends his time providing input and oversight to the managers in his businesses, and, when time permits, he goes for an occasional run.