Andrew Schellhammer

Contract Attorney, Leventry, Haschak & Rodkey LLC

2014 | Johnstown, PA

Pennsylvania State University | Finance

“You have the ability to challenge yourself and learn how to handle legal situations, yet it’s a close-knit environment where you can make lasting friendships and keep your sanity.”

Focused in business law, Andrew Schellhammer's role as a contract attorney includes real estate transactions, limited liability corporation formation, commercial loans, and other contractual matters. He assists his legal partners and has written contracts of sale, leases, and arbitration briefs.

“The most rewarding part of my job is meeting with clients and taking care of their needs,” he said. “My partners are so busy so I was happy to be a reliable source of information and legal expertise for our clients and provide them with better service.”

As a student at MSU Law, Schellhammer said the Investor’s Advocacy Clinic provided expert training in case management, including working with a file, calling the client and other professionals, and organizing the work performed on behalf of the client.

“I highly recommend that students take at least one clinic during law school,” he said. “Even if they are not interested in any of the practice areas, they should still get that important hands-on experience.”

MSU Law offers students a challenging learning environment with superior professors, but without a cutthroat environment. “You have the ability to challenge yourself and learn how to handle legal situations,” he explained. “Yet, the environment is close-knit enough to make lasting friendships and keep your sanity during three years of law school.”