Christopher Lucas

Partner, Troutman Sanders LLP

2004 | McLean, VA

Virginia Military Institute | Economics and Business

“Making the decision to go here was the best choice I could make, and I would do it all over again.”

Christopher Lucas was recently promoted to Partner at Troutman Sanders. His practice represents institutional clients in financing transactions, which range in size from $500,000 to several hundred million dollars. “My work involves domestic and international transactions, including secured financing in Israel, the Cayman Islands, and Europe,” he said. “I have experience in asset-based lending, real estate lending and secured financings to government contractors, high-tech and bio-tech companies, venture capital and private equity firms, franchisees, high net worth individuals, and health care providers.”

Christopher enjoys reading publications such as Forbes, Fortune and The Wall Street Journal for articles about many of the start-up life science companies and tech companies his clients have helped finance. “It's exciting to see one of the start-up companies my clients helped finance grow from a small company to an international institution worth hundreds of millions of dollars,” he said.

As a student at MSU College of Law, Christopher was a managing editor on the Michigan State Law Review and a co-founder of the Business Law Society. “As editor, you must pay attention to the smallest details,” he said. “The same applies when drafting contracts for clients—they expect our contracts to be drafted impeccably. While on the Business Law Society, we helped pave the way for the creation of the Small Business & Non-Profit Clinic. Those experiences at MSU Law had a direct impact on my success as a financial transactional lawyer.” 

Within the MSU College of Law community, Christopher made life-long friends. Since graduation, he meets those same friends in East Lansing for an MSU football and basketball game every year. “Making the decision to go to MSU Law was the best choice I could make, and I would do it all over again,” he said.