Alex Lange

Assistant City Prosecutor for the City of Phoenix

2014 | Scottsdale, AZ

University of Arizona | Business Administration

“Being a part of a [Law College] organization has exposed me to whole new area of the law and opened my mind as to what type of career I want.”

What is your experience with MSU Law?
There’s an emphasis on getting practicable legal experience, and building relationships with fellow students, faculty/staff, and the legal community. Getting involved in some of the Law College's organizations, moot court boards, law reviews, and/or clinics is best because you'll gain invaluable experience, and network with legal professionals.

Describe your relationship with fellow classmates and faculty.
I try to share study aids, notes, and outlines. I found the sentiment is returned, and friends and classmates share materials with me. As a TA, I enjoyed mentoring the 1Ls and offering advice. Professors encourage you to visit their office to discuss class topics, you, and your ultimate goals.

Describe your experience with the Moot Court Board.
I feel honored to be Executive Director of the Appellate Moot Court Board. I improve my brief-writing and public speaking skills, while working with some of the best writers and orators in the Law College. We are tight knit group, and traveling to national competitions and representing MSU Law is incredibly fun.

Tell us about your involvement in Law Students for Reproductive Justice (LSRJ) and the Academic Success Program (ASP). How have these contributed to your education or employment?
I feel lucky to have found LSRJ because it combines my passions for reproductive freedom and the law. Being a part of this organization has exposed me to whole new area of the law and opened my mind as to what type of career I want.

My involvement with ASP was tied to my experience as a TA. It allowed me to build lasting relationships with the 1Ls, the professor I was a TA for, and the ASP Co-Directors.

What does the MSU name mean for your education?
The MSU name is vital to the success of our college. Every time I wear a Michigan State Law shirt at home in Arizona, I get stopped with, "You go to Michigan State!?" Everyone knows Michigan State, and that it stands for an invaluable Big Ten education.

What is your advice for prospective students?
You are surrounded by incredibly smart and talented people, and it's a competitive environment. Everybody has their own style; do what works best for you. I remind myself there are more important things than law school, and to do my best and not look back. If you keep these things in mind, you can conquer law school.