Michelle Hollis Weeks

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney at St. Clair County Prosecuting Attorney's Office

2012 | Detroit, MI

Sewanee, The University of the South | English and Classical Studies

“The majority of my professors are so passionate about the subject that it was a pleasure just to be in the classroom. They make themselves available, encourage an interactive learning environment, and make it easy to be excited about being a lawyer.”

Michelle Hollis Weeks enforces the laws of Indiana and holds criminals accountable. “I work in the Juvenile Court dealing with offenses from those as minor as incorrigible or runaway status offenses, or as serious as Felony Burglary or Child Molestation,” she said. “Throughout the juvenile process, I make charging decisions, offer recommendations for sentencing and violation of probation purposes, and conduct Evidentiary Hearings when it comes to adjudicating a juvenile who has denied his offense. I also assist other Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys in jury trials in the adult courts.”

Finding justice for the victims is one of the most rewarding aspects of Michelle’s job. “I find satisfaction in forcing those who refuse to take responsibility for their actions,” she said. “Preparing for a jury trial through witness preparation, strategizing, learning every facet of your case, and seeing this hard work manifest in a guilty verdict is both a rush and a reminder of why you spent seven years in college and your last summer preparing for the bar exam.”

As a student at MSU College of Law, Michelle recognized that she was nervous standing in front of people and speaking. “So, I took several trial skills courses to practice preparing and presenting opening statements, direct examinations, cross examinations, and closing arguments,” she said. “Furthermore, I found the applied skills courses to be the best way to learn any general subject.”

Michelle said the best way to approach law is with an end game in mind. “I know personally I felt defeated after the first year, but an externship at a prosecutor's office gave me renewed strength and a goal to work towards beyond just graduating,” she said. “Enter law school with realistic expectations and utilize your resources (like Career Services) so you can network, receive new opportunities, and find your passion.”