Dorian George

Attorney at the Law Offices of Christina M. Sanabria

2013 | Tampa, FL

Florida State University

“Practical experiences allowed me to be innovative and creative as I sharpened my craft in the courtroom.”

Coming to MSU College of Law from South Florida was a major adjustment and a gamble for Dorian George, but he feels he won big by making that decision. “The Law College exceeds the expectation of what law school is all about. It is extremely challenging, but you’re provided with all of the tools to be successful. Between upper level students, professors, and administrative faculty, everyone does what they can to assist students in their success,” Dorian said.

One of Dorian’s best relationships at MSU College of Law was with Mrs. Goldie Pritchard as he prepared for the Bar. “She was more than willing to answer my questions to alleviate my fears, and provided me with one-on-one essay writing sessions to simulate what the Bar will be like,” he said.

During his time at MSU, Dorian participated in two clinics—Small Business and Nonprofits (SBNP) and Civil Rights. “Those experiences provided difficult, yet mentally-stimulating challenges. The SBNP clinic gave me the chance to help other people get their nonprofit organizations legalized so they could make real change in the community we both serve. The Civil Rights Clinic allowed me to make meaningful change when I got to make closing arguments in a Federal Court case that led to inmates in Michigan being able to call over 150 foreign countries, when they had previously only been allowed to call North America and a handful of U.S. Territories,” Dorian said.

In addition to clinics, Dorian’s participation in Moot Court and TPI helped him hone his skills as a litigant and gave him a purpose for why he wanted to be an attorney. “These practical experiences allowed me to be innovative and creative as I sharpened my craft in the courtroom,” he said. “The Black Law Students Association also afforded me many networking opportunities, allowing me to meet many attorneys in the field throughout the Midwest.”