Linda Gardner

Corporate Lawyer at the Gardner Law Firm

2015 | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Australian National University | Commerce and Economics

“I felt privileged to be admitted to the college and, with it, I felt a sense of duty.”

Linda Gardner is the Chief Brand Strategist at the Gardner Law Professional Corporation. She mainly works with entrepreneurs to help build their brands in North America. Her work in Toronto helps people turn their visions into realities.

“In dealing with budding entrepreneurs, I often collaborate with other attorneys who have different specialization because virtually every aspect of business establishment, restructuring, and dispute resolution has a legal dimension to it,” she said.  “It's very rewarding to present solutions creatively and ethically to business owners, and also be a part of that entrepreneurial growth”

Linda attributes her success to the experiences she gained as a teaching assistant for Professor Clark Johnson. “The TA experience was an outstanding opportunity to participate and influence faculty-level decisions about course design and content, and to learn the art of teaching,” she said.

Linda remembers how excited she was when she found out she was accepted at MSU College of Law. “I felt privileged to be admitted to the Law College and, with it, I felt a sense of duty,” she said. “It was a privilege to be selected to study with some very bright people from all walks of life. My duty was to work hard, challenge the way I thought, and further my career goals. I received an excellent and rigorous training from a school that is interested in my success in law school and beyond.”

Linda hopes that future students will take to heart her advice---that a person’s greatest asset is curiosity. “Study of the law never ends - and it is rewarding to have a life long journey of learning!” she said.