Arthur Cutler

Executive Director at Open Arms Housing

2000 | Washington, DC

Morehouse College | Political Science

"Every nonprofit wants an attorney on its board. You bring an expertise and knowledge that is very critical to organizations helping others."

While working to build capacity for nonprofit organizations to grow and providing training for executives, Arthur Cutler also learned an important lesson about himself.

“I get so caught up in the hard-charging, moving-forward that I forgot about how important it is to take time to reflect and see myself and my decisions as a leader,” he said.

With the help of an executive coach through the American Express Leadership Academy, Cutler quickly learned how to balance the emotional side of being an effective leader. He now encourages law students to also take dedicated time to explore their passions and find balance in their education and their career choices.

“It’s important to continually explore that work/life balance and ask yourself if your career is moving in the direction you want, if it includes the people and the things you’re passionate about,” he said.

Nonprofit work, as he found for himself, was just one way to combine his interest in practicing law and helping his community. “Every nonprofit wants an attorney on its board,” he said. “You bring an expertise and knowledge that is very critical to organizations helping others.”

As a student at MSU Law, the late Professor Alvin Storrs and Professor Clark Johnson were integral to his development as an attorney. Cutler was deeply honored when he was named senior class president by his peers.

Additionally, he served as one of three ABA Law Student Division Delegates. “In this role, I had the opportunity to be a voting member of the ABA House of Delegates and was able to affect policy as a law student.”