Antonio Cifuentes

Associate at Gordon Davis Johnson & Shane P.C.

2019 | El Paso, TX

The University of Texas at El Paso | Political Science and Government

Antonio Cifuentes discovered his passion for law in high school, working alongside classmates in the courtroom as a member of the mock trial team. Over the years, his desire to be in the courtroom has changed, but his ambition to become a lawyer is steadfast.

The journey to earning a law degree presents each student with unique challenges. For 3L Cifuentes, he said he’s proud of the academic progress he’s made at MSU Law, considering how he started out.

“After finishing 1L year, my grades were not at the level I knew they could be at. I altered a few of my studying habits and had a great 2L year,” he said. “This is especially meaningful to me because growing up I never had good grades. The fact that the best grades I’ve ever received have been in law school makes me extremely proud.”

He encourages incoming law students not to give up, knowing firsthand the difficulty of adjusting to law school life. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining a life beyond law school as well. Having come from a university with a small athletic program, one of the appeals to MSU Law for Cifuentes was the opportunity to be a part of a Big Ten school where he could engage with his peers and a passionate community of sports fans.

Cifuentes has also been involved on multiple levels at the law college. He’s a member of the Latino Law Society, and served as the treasurer of the organization during his 2L year. In addition, he helps prospective students on their journeys to becoming Spartan lawyers through outreach as an executive student worker in the MSU Law Admissions Office.

Along the way, he’s created meaningful relationships and established valuable connections with his classmates, faculty, and staff. “The friendships that I have made in law school so far mean the world to me. I have been lucky enough to meet people from all over the US and other countries,” he said. “I strongly believe that these connections have allowed me to view difficulties in the world through a different perspective.”

As he nears graduation, Cifuentes hopes to practice real estate or corporate law. He’s seeking a career in fields that are constantly evolving and embracing new opportunities.