Brett J. Barratt

Senior State Relations Executive, NCCI (HI, NV and UT)

2003 | Salt Lake City, UT

Westminister College | International Business

“MSU Law has great professors and a strong curriculum, a world-renowned name, and unique opportunities to gain real-world experience. These strengths set MSU apart from most other law schools.”

Brett Barratt’s department oversees and regulates all aspects of the $12 billion insurance industry in the State of Utah. That regulation includes financial solvency, licensing, criminal and administrative prosecution, legislation and rules as well as government agency management.

“Pursuant to the McCarran-Ferguson Act, regulation of the insurance industry is the exclusive jurisdiction of the states,” he said. “The opportunity to make a difference and serve the public is the most rewarding aspect of my job. Holding insurers accountable, providing reliable and unbiased testimony to the Legislature to promote good law that protects consumers and promotes a competitive insurance marketplace gives me great satisfaction. I also enjoy the quality-of-life aspect of generous benefits and paid time off.”

During Brett’s time at MSU College of Law, Dr. Johnson's Contracts classes, Professor Lawrence's Constitutional Law classes, Professor Kault's Administrative Law class and Judge McKeague's Federal Law class provided him a foundation for success in his legal career.

“My participation with the Jessup Moot Court Team, Journal of International Law (now International Law Review) and Canadian Summer Law Placement are also highlights,” he said. “MSU Law provides virtually limitless opportunities to become involved, participate, and learn about any aspect of law. I am convinced that MSU Law provided opportunities I could not get at other law schools.”