Adrienne Anderson

Deputy District Attorney, Multnomah County District Attorney's Office

2016 | Portland, OR

Illinois State University | Political Science

"The faculty is great and always willing to help."

Adrienne Anderson found that MSU College of Law has a supportive network of professors and administrators. “The faculty is great and always willing to help. I also worked with Meghan in the Academic Success Program and she has really pushed me to develop my writing skills for final exams,” Adrienne said. 

In addition, the Law College offers programs to keep Adrienne engaged in the broader world of the legal profession. “Diversity Services puts on really interesting events. Naomi in Career Services also helped me find an internship and work on my resume,” she said.

Beyond professional development at the Law College, Adrienne appreciates the community atmosphere. “I enjoy talking with my professors during office hours—not just about class work, but also about applying those concepts outside of law school,” Adrienne said.