Jonathon Andersh

Associate at Miller Johnson

2017 | Grand Rapids, MI

DePaul University | English

"I chose to attend MSU College of Law because of their dedication to the improvement of each individual student and the program as a whole."

In undergrad, Jonathon Andersh knew he wanted to explore a career in law. “At the end of my junior year, I took a part-time job with the Chicago law firm Marcus & Boxerman. During my senior year, while applying to law schools, I took an internship with the Natural Resources Defense Council's litigation team in Chicago, which changed my understanding of what it meant to be an attorney,” he said.

“I chose to attend MSU Law because of their dedication to the improvement of each individual student and the program as a whole,” Jonathon said. “MSU's location within the state of Michigan and the Midwest is ultimately where I would like to pursue a career.”

Jonathon discovered the Law College through online research and by speaking to alumni. He also made multiple campus visits to meet with admissions staff to get a feel for both the school and local community. “I attended the latest Admitted Candidate Visit Program. I had already made my decision to attend MSU Law, and the information only cemented what I already believed about the school,” Jonathon said. “The information from the sessions—especially the faculty panel—showed that MSU Law has a community dedicated to its students and their overall success.”

“The students and staff at MSU ultimately shaped my decision to attend here, and I think that if others have the same positive experiences they too would choose to study in an environment like MSU,” Jonathon said. “Look beyond the surface and numbers of a school in making your decision. Try to find a place that you can be happy and healthy as well as study law, as ultimately three years might not seem like a long time, but why settle for studying somewhere you do not want to live and work? Smaller programs offer things that are dynamic and cannot be measured in words and photos, and I encourage prospective students to travel to and visit as many schools as possible before making their decision.”