Nikki Withrow

Management Analyst at Michigan Supreme Court

2016 | Lansing, MI

Grand Valley State University | Psychology

“All of the communication from MSU Law had a personal touch.”

Nikki (Searle) Withrow wanted to stay close to home for law school. “I knew I'd have a better chance of finding a job in Michigan if I attended an in-state school, especially seeing the national shortage of jobs in the legal field” she said. 

But beyond the practical reasons for her decision, she was amazed by the personal phone call she received from admissions to tell her she had been accepted. “From that point on, all of the communication from MSU Law had a personal touch, which made me feel wanted,” Nikki said.

As a student, Nikki said she’s found that faculty and staff are easily accessible and genuinely care about her success and personal wellbeing. “Students are also friendly and willing to help -- not competitive like the horror stories from other schools. The employment prospects are great, and the Career Services Office goes out of its way to help students find jobs,” she said.

Nikki initially had a hard time adjusting to the stresses of law school. “So I made an appointment with Student Affairs,” she said. “They were so reassuring and obviously cared about my wellbeing. They put me in touch with someone I could talk to, and I am immensely grateful for their help and support. The office is an integral part of this law school.”

Nikki is interested in family law, and this summer she has an externship with the family division of the 17th Judicial District Court in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “I am beyond excited to jump into hands-on work and really learn the ins and outs of family law,” she said.