Katelyn Schaffer

Associate Attorney at Bank | Rifkin

2016 | Birmingham, MI

Grand Valley State University | Political Science & Marketing

“The reputation of the Spartans is nationwide.”

Katelyn Schaffer was initially drawn to MSU College of Law for the Big Ten feel, so when she toured the school she was also pleasantly surprised by the welcoming environment. “Plus the reputation of the Spartans is nationwide, so I know that the school will offer many career opportunities after graduation,” she said.

At MSU Law, Katelyn found that the school prepares students to become the best attorneys they can be. “The focus truly is on making sure there is a place for everyone. With so many clubs, organizations, and journals, you are bound to find your own niche,” she said.   

“Unfortunately, I had to deal with some health issues this semester and the Office of Student Affairs was so thoughtful. They worked diligently to make sure I was not going to have this absence impact my grade, and that really helped to reduce my stress,” Katelyn said.

Katelyn also joined the Phi Alpha Delta legal fraternity during her 1L year. “It’s a great networking opportunity. Additionally it allowed me to meet other students in different years,” she said.