Eric Rogers

IP Counsel and Market Strategy Leader at AGC Automotive Americas R&D, Inc.

2014 | Ypsilanti, MI

Kettering University | Engineering Physics

“The mixture of nice people, a beautiful campus, and academic excellence stuck out. I knew that if I ever decided to go back to graduate school, MSU would be my number one choice.”

As IP counsel for AGC Automotive Americas R&D, Eric Rogers is responsible for the intellectual property portfolio of the company, including everything from filing for patent protecting to negotiating joint development agreements with outside companies.

“The most rewarding aspect of my current position is the highly varied work that I do on a day-to-day basis,” Eric said. “With every day bringing a new challenge, I am never short on learning and development opportunities.”   

For Eric, his extracurricular activities at MSU Law had an impact on his learning experience  that rivaled the impact of his coursework. “Each extracurricular helped me to grow my network of legal professionals and learn more about focused areas of the law,” he said. “In particular, the Phi Alpha Delta legal fraternity provided a great opportunity to meet legal professionals around the country.”

Eric focused the bulk of his studies on Intellectual Property Law courses. “Regardless of your eventual practice area, these classes will come be very useful,” he said. “In particular, being a part of the team that re-started the MSU College of Law's blog was very rewarding. BeyondClause8 was a great way for me to creatively write about current topics in the law without being constrained to rigid writing guidelines.”