Zadora Hightower

Deputy District Attorney at Washoe County District Attorney's Office

2014 | Reno, NV

University of Tulsa | International Business & German

“Law school is always going to be stressful and competitive, but at MSU it is more of a friendly competition.”

Zadora Hightower cites many reasons as to why she chose MSU College of Law: the scholarship opportunity, the personal outreach from the admissions department and current students, the school ranking, the clinic programs, and the international law program.

“It is a very personal community,” she said. “Law school is always going to be stressful and competitive, but at MSU Law it is more of a friendly competition. Also, professors are always available and have great open door policies to meet with students at any time.”

Zadora participated in the Immigration Law Clinic in the spring 2013 semester, then continued to work as the Research Assistant for the Clinic Summer 2013, fall 2013, and spring 2014. “I loved the hands-on experience in the clinic and having the opportunity to do actual legal work and help people,” she said. “The clinic was probably my favorite part of law school.”

Zadora joined the Immigration Law Clinic due to the encouragement she received from Professors Veronica and David Thronson. “It is an area of law that I had no intention of practicing, but through the Immigration Law Clinic and Immigration Law class I found I have a true passion for that area of law,” she said.