Talbot Eckweiler

Assistant Director of Admissions at University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law

2017 | Concord, NH

St. Bonaventure University | Journalism & Mass Communications

ā€œIā€™d never even been to the state of Michigan before, but after my visit, MSU just felt right.ā€

Talbot Eckweiler spent two years working for conservation-focused nonprofits before she applied to law school. “I loved everything about those experiences, but I also realized I could make a bigger impact if I had a lawyer’s skill set,” she said.

Talbot studied for the LSAT by reading a prep book. “When I started studying, I worked for a wildlife rescue center, so my apartment was filled with baby birds and bunnies,” she said. “I had to take study breaks just to feed everybody, and I think that worked out well in the end.” 

Talbot initially heard about MSU College of Law when she received a phone call from a current student. “He told me about MSU Law’s environmental law courses, so I decided to take a tour. I’d never even been to the state of Michigan before, but after my visit, MSU Law just felt right.”

“At MSU Law, first year law students are sorted into sections, so I had most of my classes with the same group of people,” Talbot said. “I thought that was great for making friends and creating a community. I missed one class in winter due to the weather, and a bunch of other students sent messages to make sure I was okay and offered their notes on that lecture.”   

During her 1L summer, Talbot interned at the State of Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality. “I worked with undergraduates and other law students on a variety of community programs and department initiatives,” she said. “I most enjoyed researching Indigenous law, and my experiences at DEQ inspired me to take a Federal Law and Indian Tribes course.”