Carrie Cummings

Legal Counsel at D2L

2014 | Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Wilfrid Laurier University | Political Science & Business

“I can't give MSU enough praise for the great legal education I have received.”

“As a Canadian studying in the US, I wanted to make sure I chose a school that would make me feel comfortable learning and growing,” said Carrie Cummings. “I knew MSU Law was the place for me after my first visit. The people were very friendly, and the environment was very familiar, which made me feel right at home.”

Although law school is a challenging endeavor, she said the Law College provides students with the support and guidance necessary to succeed. “I can't give MSU Law enough praise for the great legal education I have received,” Carrie said.

Carrie applied her legal education in the Ottawa Summer Externship Program. “It was an excellent experience,” she said. “I secured a position with the Canadian Parliament, and was able to engage in substantive legal work. It was a wonderful opportunity.”