Antoinette “Toni” Conrad

Associate Attorney at Illinois Advocates, LLC

2015 | Chicago, IL

Michigan State University | Social Work

“My clinic professor has been extremely helpful when it comes to my future career.”

Antoinette “Toni” Conrad went to MSU for her undergraduate degree. “I liked the area and wanted to stick around because I already had a network here,” she said. At the College of Law, Toni said she’s had some great professors, and she participated in legal clinics to gain real-world experience.

“My clinic professor has been extremely helpful when it comes to my future career,” Toni said. “She has worked in family law before, so I've been able to learn so much from her. She's helped me with my resume, where to work this summer, what other clinics to participate in, future plans for my career, etc. She has truly been amazing!”

Toni said the extracurricular activities at school have improved her law school experience overall. She was one of the first students to take the new Conflict Resolution Clinic. “I was able to get certified as a mediator through this clinic,” she said. “I co-mediated with both my colleagues and experienced mediators in small claims cases. I have also been able to apply my clinic experience to family law and research how mediation can be provided in custody disputes.”

In addition to clinic work, Toni is involved with the Journal of Animal and Natural Resource Law (now Animal and Natural Resource Law Review). “I love it,” Toni said. “It has been a nice break from the usual law school course work. I'm also a member of SBA and the Family Law Society, both which I have enjoyed,” she said.

When she graduates, Toni hopes to work in family law, preferably at a divorce firm.