Emily Catania

Attorney at Morganroth Morganroth, PLLC

2014 | Birmingham, MI

New York University | Music Business, Branding and Performance

“In the three years at MSU College of Law, I have learned more—both personally and academically—than I ever thought possible.”

Emily (Raymond) Catania chose MSU College of Law for university’s reputation. “Attending a school that is globally-recognizable for its innovation and success allows students to enter workforces all over the world,” she said.

Emily was also drawn to MSU Law’s clinical programs. “By participating in the Housing Clinic, I was able to grasp all aspects of being an attorney, from the academic expertise on housing and public interest law to the experience of handling my own clients and cases. Participating in this program gave me practical experience that did not go unnoticed by potential employers.”

She described her first year of law school as daunting but exciting. Although her first year was a competitive journey, she said the groups of friends she made supported her through academic and personal successes and consistently challenged her to think outside the box. “Being in such a diverse classroom on a daily basis made me not only a better student, but a better attorney,” she said.

Emily feels that MSU Law professors are aware that law school can be an intimidating journey, and they go out of their way to help students. “This semester I had the opportunity to get to know Professor J. Dallas Winegarden, an adjunct professor. His love of the law and teaching made me want to learn and do my best,” she said. “He continually went out of his way to ensure that his students were succeeding both inside and outside of the classroom. The kindness and compassion he shows all his students is the reason why I will turn to him as a mentor long after I graduate.”

When Emily is not at school, she likes to stay active. “I love to hit the gym, or take a quick trip home to spend time with my family,” she said. “I make sure to make time each week to see my friends and do one thing that I love, like trying a new restaurant or taking my dog to the puppy park. This has kept my mind and my spirits happy and healthy.”

With all the time and work required in law school, Emily said it can be easy to forget about the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with the challenge. “In the three years at MSU College of Law, I have learned more—both personally and academically—than I ever thought possible,” she said.