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Video Conferencing Room Rental Information

Due to the popular demand of distance education, teleconferencing, remote work offices, etc., The Michigan State University College of Law Distance Learning classroom is now available for public use. Below are the specifications and costs associated with the rental of the room.

Technical Equipment Provided:

  • Three video cameras: instructor, student and room.
  • Fifteen student microphones with "Look at Me" buttons. The student presses the button when called upon and the camera locates the student. When the student is finished he simply presses the button again and the camera moves back to the room view. Every two students share a button.
  • A VHS videotape playback and recorder. This recorder has the capability of recording both sites audio simultaneously and video is selectable.
  • The instructor views the far-end students via two 42 " monitors hung from the ceiling at the middle of the room with the instructor camera mounted between them for line-of-sight monitoring.
  • The students view the far-end fellow students via two 42 " monitors installed at the front of the room. The room camera is mounted on the near by for line-of-sight monitoring. In addition there is a LCD projector.
  • Touch-panel control system installed in the instructor's cabinet at the front of the room as well as a wireless touch panel used to control the equipment from anywhere in the room, offers full system functionality including camera presets, dialing and diagnostics.
  • Wireless instructor microphones provides audio coverage for the instructor.
  • Polycom VS4000 Codec.
  • IP conferencing at up to 2MBps.
  • Each seat in the classroom has power and Ethernet connectivity. This enables the student to bring in their laptop and connect to the Internet or e-mail.

Course Facilitator

A course facilitator is the individual who is responsible for setting up the Distance Learning Room to the desired specifications and making a video contact with the participating site. The course facilitator will remain in the room throughout the presentation to assist with the equipment as needed.


The following prices reflect all line charges, room rental and technical support*.

Room Rental Charges
Group Type Room/Equip Charge Technical
Staff Member
Line Charge
Hourly Charge
Total/Hour Charge
MiCTA $80/hour $20/hour $15 -6 Ch $115
$30 -12 Ch $130
Non-Profit $80/hour $25/hour $30 -6 Ch $135
$60 -12 Ch $165
Corporate $120/hour $35/hour $35 -6 Ch $190
$70 -12 Ch $225

New Prices as of 2-13-2004. Prices subject to change without notice, see below.

Test Call - Line Charge Only

Regular Hours
Our Staff Hours*
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Availability: Monday-Thursday and Fridays on a limited basis.

* Higher Technical Support cost maybe incurred if outside normal hours of operation.

For more complete pricing information on multi-site connections, other technology requirements, or to reserve the Distance Learning Video Classroom please contact the Jeff Shaw at (517) 432-6918 or e-mail him at

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