Women's Law Caucus Newsletter

Women's Law Caucus

September/October 2005– Issue 1

Congratulations to the new officers!

President: Amy Graham (graham49@msu.edu)
Vice President: Keri VanNorman (vannorm3@msu.edu)
Treasurer: Michelle Isherwood (isherwo2@msu.edu)
Secretary: Kara Covert (covertka@msu.edu)

MSU College of Law students, please sign up for TWEN site for information on what the Women’s Law Caucus is up to!

Also, any new members can e-mail the Treasurer, Michelle Isherwood, about paying dues. Dues are $20 and checks should be made out to "Women’s Law Caucus."

The Executive Board is trying to establish a meeting time that can accommodate as many members’ schedules as possible. To help us attain this goal, please either post a message on TWEN, e-mail a board member, or of course, let one of the board members know in person. We will try to accommodate as many schedules as possible!

Upcoming Events & Projects:

  1. Distinguished Speaker Nancy Diehl, President of the State of Michigan Bar

    Please join us in welcoming Nancy Diehl, the President of the State of Michigan Bar. Nancy Diehl has been gracious enough to come to the MSU College of Law to speak to the students on Monday, September 12th at 4 p.m. in Room 344. She will speak about criminal law issues of which she knows a great deal working in the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office. The Women’s Law Caucus will be co-sponsoring this event as Nancy Diehl is also an extremely prominent woman and legal professional. Please attend this informational session!

  2. Domestic Violence Awareness Month, October 2005

    The Women’s Law Caucus will work in conjunction with the Family Law Society to hold activities relating to Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Events that were held last year that we will be considering again for this year are: handing out purple ribbons which represent domestic violence awareness free of charge, a domestic violence brownbag lunch, and a presentation on domestic violence. This year we will be participating in the Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk on October 15th. We are currently creating a program of activities for this October. If you have any suggestions, please contact either Amy Graham at graham49@msu.edu or Keri VanNorman at vannorm3@msu.edu.

  3. Michigan Battered Women’s Clemency Project

    The Michigan Battered Women’s Clemency Project is run by Michigan lawyers and volunteers, including students. The program seeks clemency for women who are victims of an abusive history and were wrongly convicted or have served more than enough time for the crime committed. There will be a rally for this program in Lansing, Michigan at the capital.

If you have any suggestions on topics you would like to see covered in this newsletter, please contact Keri VanNorman at vannorm3@msu.edu.