WLC: Prospective Students

Women's Law Caucus

On behalf of the Women’s Law Caucus at Michigan State University College of Law, I would like to encourage you to apply to MSU Law. The Law College provides an excellent environment to reach your academic goals. It has a new modern building, many student organizations, and a close-knit student body. I would like to tell you a little about the WLC and how it can make your transition into law school smooth and your law school career rewarding.

The Women’s Law Caucus is an organization devoted to women law students and women’s issues. It is one of the largest and most active groups at MSU Law. The group has three primary missions designed to provide female law students with a fulfilling and diverse law school career.

First, the WLC strives to make law school as easy and rewarding as possible for it members. It does this by providing upper-level student mentors to first years, furnishing study aids in many subjects, getting involved with the administration to address student concerns, and providing a support group for all its members through dialogue, meetings, and socials.

Secondly, the WLC holds several events during the school year. Last years events included a women’s lawyers panel discussing what it is like to practice law as a women, community activities, and an honorary speaker for Women’s History Month.

Finally, the WLC follows laws affecting women and gets involved with community services that benefit women.

The Women’s Law Caucus is an organization that cares about its members and strives to make them successful by giving them the tools to have a prosperous career, both academically and beyond. If you have any questions about the WLC or the law school in general that you would like answered from a student’s perspective, please e-mail the current President as listed under the Executive Board Link. It would be our pleasure to have you as a student, and we are here to support you.

Women’s Law Caucus