MSU College of Law

LL.M. and M.J. Student Association

The LL.M. and M.J. Student Association (LMSA) endorses and runs such activities that are believed to be beneficial to the LL.M. and M.J. Student body, the LMSA and the Michigan State University College of Law and is the official representative body of the students pursuing the L.L.M and M.J. Program(s) for (i) Foreign Educated Lawyers and, (ii) Intellectual Property and Patent Law, to the faculty, alumni, administration, and board of trustees of the College of Law; to represent, as well as facilitate the exchange of information and promote interaction among the students, faculty, administration and board of trustees of the College of Law. The LMSA also encourages and promotes the highest standards of learning and professionalism among the L.L.M and M.J. Student body in the field of the law; promotes social service in community and especially in the College of Law; and promotes and encourages diversity and cultural collaboration in the College of Law.