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October 30, 2008

CONTACT: Kristen Lare Flory

MSU Law Dean Participates in Opening Gavel Ceremony

East Lansing, MI – MSU Law Dean Joan Howarth, joined the Wainwright Leadership, Law, and Government Magnet School on Thursday, October 23, 2008 as they unveiled their new, in-school courtroom with an “Opening Gavel” ceremony.

The school's law and government teacher plans on holding classes in the courtroom, where the students will participate in mock trials. In the near future, it will also serve as the voting grounds for students to discuss cases involving school rules and interests. The school hopes to use their new courtroom as a venue for Lansing's Teen Court and would like local District judges to consider holding court for some routine cases in the school so students have an opportunity to see the judicial system in action.

Dean Howarth was impressed by Wainwright's goals and actions and has expressed great interest in forming a partnership with the school's program in the future.

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