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Moot Court & Advocacy Board: All-School Competition

During each fall Semester, the Michigan State University College of Law Moot Court & Advocacy Board puts on an Appellate Advocacy Competition that is open to all students of the Law College.  Students are provided with an closed appellate style problem with all of the pertinent research already preformed.  This allows the participants to focus on their advocacy skills as they compete in a tournament against their fellow students.

Additionally, during the Spring Semester, the Board puts on a Mock Trial Competition that is open to all students.  This competition provides the participants with the opportunity to develop their real world courtroom skills and advocacy skills.  This competition serves a dual purpose.  In addition to providing the opportunity to practice and compete, this competition will serve as the primary method by which students are invited to take the Moot Court Mock Trial Class which is a prerequisite to membership on the Board as a Trial Student.

In an effort to help our first-year law students ("1Ls")  become involved with the moot court and mock trial program, as well as to help them progress in their oral argument skills, the Board separates the 1Ls for the purposes of bracketing for these competitions.  This is for many reasons, but it mainly  help to level the playing field, so that 1Ls do not need to worry about competing against more experienced students.

1Ls will be provided with absolutely everything they need, including a bench brief (which is the actual brief that the judges will be provided with) and a list of questions that the judges may ask. This is a fabulous opportunity to get involved with the Moot Court & Advocacy Board, while also getting valuable experience for RWA oral arguments.

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