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Dubai LL.M./M.J. — Non-Degree Application

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This application will enable you to enroll in any MSU Law-Dubai class as a "Non-Degree Student." Additional information is required to enroll in the LL.M./M.J. Program. Classes taken while a student is a Non-Degree Student may later be applied to the LL.M./M.J. Program.

The tuition for all MSU Law-Dubai courses is US $995 per credit hour. Thus, the tuition for a 2-credit course is US $1990.

Tuition may be arranged with the MSU College of Law Accounting Office at (e-mail Issam Jadaoun at

Tuition is due three business days before a course begins. A refund may be given if requested in writing PRIOR to the beginning of the first class meeting.

Application deadline: (rolling admissions)

Law College programs, activities and facilities shall be available to all without regard to race, gender, religion, national origin, political persuasion, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, height, weight, veteran status, age, or familial status. Neither Michigan State University nor the State of Michigan is liable for any financial obligations incurred by the Michigan State University College of Law. The College of Law is a financially independent institution, which is not financially supported by MSU or the State.