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MSU College of Law

Campus Life

A Look at the MSU Campus and the Surrounding Area

MSU makes its home in East Lansing, which offers an unbeatable combination of historic small-town atmosphere and cosmopolitan sophistication. Tree-lined avenues, a variety of beautiful homes and its proximity to a number of shopping areas give East Lansing its small-town ambience. The presence of Michigan State University and the nearby state capital in Lansing make the citizens of East Lansing as diverse as the world is large.

You’ll find everything you need to live and work in the community. Students with families will be impressed with the quality of East Lansing’s schools and services. The city’s main road bordering MSU’s campus is known for its many unique shops and restaurants that serve the student population. With its eclectic mix of restaurants, retail, art galleries and entertainment, downtown East Lansing has an atmosphere that is both upbeat and relaxed. If an active social life is important to you, there’s plenty of nightlife in this college town.

Experience the Ease of On-Campus Living

Owen Hall
Convenience is the best reason to consider on-campus living at Michigan State University. MSU’s Owen Hall is just across the street from the Law College, the Wharton Center for the Performing Arts and one of MSU’s athletic facilities—making it the ideal place to live. Owen Hall houses a diverse population of professional and graduate students from America and abroad.

Owen provides year-round accommodations in furnished suite-style single rooms. MSU Law students who have lived at Owen say it is a quiet, study-oriented residence hall. It also offers a complete dining service. Among the other advantages of living at Owen Hall are:

  • Ethernet connections in each room
  • Cable television connections in each room
  • Voicemail and caller i.d. services
  • Quiet study rooms on each floor
  • A cleaning and linen service
  • An on-site laundry facility
  • Accessibility for persons with disabilities

University Apartments
MSU’s University Apartments provide a unique housing option that offers the convenience and affordability of on-campus living in a quiet, academic setting. More than 2,200 apartments are available with or without furniture in three villages on campus, all owned and operated by MSU. Each village has a distinct feel, with a diverse group of residents from around the world. On-site staff is available to attend to concerns and to coordinate a wide range of social activities for adults and children.

Learn more about on-campus living at MSU. Go online to

Find Variety and Quality in Off-Campus Life

There are plenty of off-campus housing choices for students and their families in the East Lansing area. The Admissions office is always ready and willing to assist students with identifying housing solutions. For families, East Lansing and its neighboring towns are known for excellent school systems and ample recreational opportunities.

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