Sources of Treaties and Treaty Information

B. Unofficial Sources of Treaties and Related Documents

CIS Congressional Universe MSU Law-licensed, Web-based database of comprehensive U.S. legislative information. Includes the on-line equivalent of the CIS/Index to Publications of the United States Congress (see CIS Microfiche Library below). Database also provides, among other things, Senate documents starting in 1995, and the Congressional Record starting in 1985, which are useful for treaty drafting history.

CIS Microfiche Library [Microfiche] Contains copies of, among other things, Senate Executive reports and Senate Executive documents which are useful for treaty legislative history; 1970-date. Indexed by CIS/Index to Publications of the United States Congress [KF49.C62] until replaced by CIS/Annual [same location] (see Section on Current Status Indexes) On-line version of Index is available in CIS Congressional Universe (see above).

TIARA U.S. Treaties Researcher MSU Law-licensed, Web-based commercial database of a full-text, keyword searchable U.S. treaty collection; covers 1783-date. Currently accessed only from terminals inside Law Library.

WESTLAW (USTREATIES) covers U.S. treaties, post-ratification, from 1979-date; Senate treaty documents from the 103rd Congress, State Department documents from No. 90-1, and "Case-Zablocki Act" documents from 1990.

AccessUN MSU-licensed, Web-based index to United Nations documents pertaining to and including bilateral and multilateral treaties printed in the United Nations Treaty Series (U.S. may or may not be a party). This is also a good source of drafting history. The treaty documents indexed by this database are available on microfiche.

Hein’s United States Treaties and Other International Agreements – Current Microfiche Service [Microfiche]. Photographic reproductions of official documents. This microfiche collection is intended to provide full text of current, still unreleased U.S. treaties and international agreements, post-ratification; 1990-date. The service includes a looseleaf index [JX 236.1990.U5].

Treaties and Other International Agreements of the United States of America, 1776-1949 [JX 231.A33]. Compiled by Charles I. Bevans, contains the English text of all U.S. treaties and agreements published in Statutes at Large (which remains the authoritative source) between 1776-1949. First four volumes contain multilaterals; next eight volumes contain bilaterals; last volume contains indices.

Consolidated Treaties & International Agreements [JX 236 1990 .U54a]. A current documents service published by Oceana. Compiled by Erwin C. Surrency, it contains the most current treaty and international materials involving the United States, covering 1990 to date. Note: This material is now available on-line via Oceana's TIARA U.S. Treaties Researcher discussed above.

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