Indices of Treaties & Documents

(without Current Status Information)

United States Treaty Index: 1776-1990 Consolidation [JX 231.U58 1991&1995]. A commercially published index of U.S. treaties, post-ratification. Current Treaty Index supplement volumes bring up to date, including a looseleaf volume for the most current information.

CIS Congressional Universe MSU College of Law-licensed, Web-based database that provided comprehensive, remote access to U.S. legislative information. Includes the on-line equivalent of the CIS/Index to Publications of the United States Congress (see Unofficial Sources Section).

Quick U.S. Treaties Index Free access upon registration to an abbreviated version of Oceana Publishing's TIARA U.S. Treaties Index (see Unofficial Sources Section). Links to documents in the TIARA U.S. Treaties Researcher database are available upon credit card payment of a fee--an option for researchers not covered by the MSU Law license agreement for use of TIARA U.S. Treaties Researcher database.

AccessUN. MSU-licensed, Web-based index to United Nations documents pertaining to and including bilateral and multilateral treaties printed in the United Nations Treaty Series (U.S. may or may not be a party). This is a good source of drafting history. The treaty documents indexed by this database are available on microfiche.

Complete Reference Guide to United National Sales Publications 1946-1978 [Ref Z 6465.Z9 U52). UNIFO Publications' index of older U.N. documents.

United Nations Cumulative Treaty Index [KZ 171.U512 1999]. This 15 volume set indexes the United Nations Treaty Series. The index is divided into four separate indexing systems, making treaties accessible (1) sequentially, by the numbers allocated to the treaties and agreements by the United Nations Secretariat, (2) chronologically, by all pertinent dates, (3) alphabetically, by country, and (4) by subject. Updated by Current United Nations Treaty Index Supplement