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MSU College of Law

Federal Legal Resources

The public enjoys unlimited access to the following web sites.

GPO Access Official Federal Government Information Website

FDLP Electronic Collection A comprehensive digital library of U.S. Government information

Legislative Branch

Constitution of the United States PDF file of the U.S. Constitution from the Government Publishing Office


House of Representatives

U.S. Code

Congressional Record The official record of the proceedings and debates of the Congress

Congressional Reports Senate, House, and Executive Reports

Congressional Hearings Transcripts of House and Senate hearings

Public and Private Laws Laws as passed by Congress Contains links to bills, public laws and other legislative documents (Note: this site replaces the old Library of Congress THOMAS website)

American Memory Project: Century of Law Making for a New Nation Online access to the historical records and acts of Congress before 1873

Executive Branch

White House

Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies Alphabetical index to U.S. government departments and agencies

Presidential Documents Compilation of Presidential Documents

Public Papers Public Papers of the President of the United States

CFR, Code of Federal Regulations

Federal Register

Judicial Branch

Federal Judiciary

Legal Information Institute Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute

Findlaw Supreme Court Opinions docket, briefs, and other resources

Oyez Supreme Court oral arguments for landmark opinions

Federal Rules of Court Links to the Rules of Procedure for the various federal courts, including specialized courts and lower courts

U.S. Tax Court

About Federal Courts


U.S. Sentencing Commission Information regarding U.S. sentencing guidelines and recent developments

Small Business Administration

IRS Forms and publications of the Internal Revenue Service

Department of Homeland Security

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