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Legal Education Reform: Journal Articles

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Backer, Larry Catá Parallel Tracks? Internationalizing the American Law School Curriculum in Light of the Principles in the Carnegie Foundation's 'Educating Lawyers', (Mar. 8, 2008) (available at SSRN); published as Ch. 5 Internationalizing the American Law School Curriculum (in Light of the Carnegie Foundation's Report), in The Internationalization of Law and Legal Education, 49 (J. Klabbers and M. Sellers, eds., 2008).

Chanen, Jill Schachner Re-engineering the J.D., 93 American Bar Association Journal 42 (Jul. 2007) (available on the web from the ABA).

Christensen, Leah M. The Power of Skills Training: A Study of Lawyering Skills Grades as the Strongest Predictor of Law School Success (or in Other Words, it's Time for Legal Education to Get Serious About Skills Training if We Care About How Our Students Learn), TJSL Legal Studies Research Paper No. 1235531 (available at SSRN); see also St. John's Law Review, forthcoming 2009).

Cordon, Matthew C. Beyond Mere Competency: Advanced Legal Research in a Practice-Oriented Curriculum, 55 Baylor Law Review 1 (2003).

Dolin, Jason M. and Michael Distelhorst Clinical Experience Essential Part of Legal Education ("Mending Legal Education" series), Ohio Lawyer (May/June 2008) (available on the web from the South Carolina Bar).

Dopierala, Jessica Note: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice: Why Are Students Falling Off the Bridge and What Are Law Schools Doing to Catch Them?, 85 University of Detroit Mercy Law Review 429 (2008).

Findley, Keith A. Rediscovering the Lawyer School: Curriculum Reform in Wisconsin, 24 Wisconsin International Law Journal 295 (2006).

Gantt, Larry O. Natt Deconstructing Thinking Like a Lawyer: Analyzing the Cognitive Components of the Analytical Mind, 29 Campbell Law Review 413 (2006-2007).

Glessner Fines, Barbara Teaching Empathy Through Simulation Exercises: A Guide and Sample Problem Set, (Nov. 19, 2008) (available at SSRN).

Holifield, Jennifer S. Taking Law School One Course at a Time: Making Better Lawyers by Using a Focused Curriculum in Law School, 30 Journal of the Legal Profession 129 (2005-2006).

Joy, Peter A. and Robert R. Kuehn The Evolution of ABA Standards for Clinical Faculty, 75 Tennessee Law Review 183 (2008).

Jukier, Rosalie Transnationalizing the Legal Curriculum: How to Teach What We Live, 56 Journal of Legal Education 172 (2006).

Kane, Sally Education Innovation: Schools Are Now Training Students to Practice Like Lawyers, Not Just to Think Like Them, 37 Student Lawyer 19 (Sept., 2008) (available on the web from the ABA).

Katz, Harriet M. Evaluating the Skills Curriculum: Challenges and Opportunities for Law School, 59 Mercer Law Review 909 (2008).

Klabbers, Jan Legal Education in the Balance: Accommodating Flexibility, 56 Journal of Legal Education 196 (2006).

Lasso, Rogelio Is Our Students Learning?: Using Assessments to Measure and Improve Law School Learning, (Jan. 14, 2009) (available at SSRN).

Maranville, Deborah Infusing Passion and Context into the Traditional Law Curriculum Through Experiential Learning, 51 Journal of Legal Education 51 (2001).

Maxeiner, James R. Educating Lawyers Now and Then: Two Carnegie Critiques of the Common Law and the Case Method, 35 International Journal of Legal Information 1 (2007).

Mell, Patricia Crossing the Bar - Law Schools and their Disciples, 79 Michigan Bar Journal 1392 (2000) (available on the web from the State Bar of Michigan).

Miller, Nelson P. An Apprenticeship of Professional Identity: A Paradigm for Educating Lawyers, 87 Michigan Bar Journal 20 (2008) (available on the web from the State Bar of Michigan).

Milstein, Elliot S. Clinical Legal Education in the United States: In-House Clinics, Externships, and Simulations Papers on the La Pietra Conference of International Legal Educators, 51 Journal of Legal Education 375 (2001).

Mock, William B. T. Informing Law Curricula: Modifying First-Year Courses to Reflect the Information Revolution, 51 Journal of Legal Education 554 (2001).

Montana, Patricia Grande Lessons from the Carnegie and Best Practices Reports: A Look at the Street Law Program as a Model for Teaching Professional Skills,(October 22, 2008), St. John's Legal Studies Research Paper No. 08-0157 (available at SSRN); see also Journal of Practical and Clinical Law, Vol. 11, No. 2, 2009 (forthcoming).

Rapoport, Nancy B. Is "Thinking like a Lawyer" Really What We Want to Teach?, 1 Journal of the Association of Legal Writing Directors 91 (2002) (available at SSRN).

Rogers, Nancy H. The Carnegie Report: A Role for the Legal Profession ("Mending Legal Education" series), Ohio Lawyer (May/June 2008) (available on the web from the South Carolina Bar).

Rubin, Edward L. Should Law Schools Support Faculty Research?, 17 Journal of Contemporary Legal Issues 139 (2008).

Rubin, Edward L. What's Wrong with Langdell's Method, and What to Do About It, 60 Vanderbilt Law Review 609 (2007).

Rubin, Edward L. Why Law Schools Do Not Teach Contracts and What Socioeconomics Can Do About It, 41 San Diego Law Review 55 (2004).

Schwartz, Michael Hunter Humanizing Legal Education: An Introduction to a Symposium Whose Time Came, 47 Washburn Law Journal 235 (2008).

Schwartz, Michael Hunter Teaching Law Students to be Self-Regulated Learners, 2003 Michigan State DCL Law Review 447 (2003).

Sheldon, Kennon M. and Lawrence S. Krieger Understanding the Negative Effects of Legal Education on Law Students: A Longitudinal Test of Self-Determination Theory, 33 Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 883 (2007).

Sonsteng, John O. with others A Legal Education Renaissance: a Practical Approach for the Twenty-First Century, 34 William Mitchell Law Review 303 (2007); see also A Legal Education Renaissance: A Practical Approach for the Twenty-first Century: The History and Status of Legal Education (Vandeplas Pub. 2008).

Thomson, David Law School 2.0, University of Denver Legal Studies Research Paper No. 08-27 (2008) (available at SSRN); see also Law School 2.0: Legal Education for a Digital Age (LexisNexis/Matthew Bender 2009).

Watson, Alan Legal Education Reform: Modest Suggestions, 51 Journal of Legal Education 91 (2001).

Wegner, Judith Welch The Curriculum: Patterns and Possibilities, 51 Journal of Legal Education 431 (2001).

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