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King Scholar Senior Seminar Papers 2002

Michele Compton, Applying World Trade Organization Rules to Labeling of Genetically Modified Food

James Cone, A Review of Michigan's Equitable Distribution Property Laws Incident to Divorce

BreeAnna Conover, The Politics of Justice: Legislative Overreach and the Law

Kris DeAngelo, n/a

Jeremy Fetty, Genetic Technology as a Tool for Discrimination: It is Time for Federal Legislation to 'Catch Up' with Science and Medicine

Neil Fortin, The Hang-Up with HACCP: Translating Science into Food Safety Law

Scott Garner, Establishment of the Standard of Care in Medical Malpractice Actions in Michigan

Amanda Goth-Owens, Sibling Separation: How Can We Preserve These Relationships?

Matthew Heron, Public Employment Law in Michigan and the Unfair Labor Practice Strike

Benjamin Herrick, Evolution Paradigms and Constitutional Rights: The Imminent Danger of Artificial Intelligence

Kristine Lapinski, The Individual Bicameralist: A Constitutional Dilemma

Steven Laurent, Historic Preservation: At What Cost?

Stephen McKenney, Shrink to Fit: How Municipalities Can (Permissibly) Control Growth on the Suburban Fringe

F. Douglas Mileski, Town Hall Meeting 9:00 p.m., Bring Your Gun!: Protecting the Public Health and Safety and Not Writing an Ultra Vires Ordinance; How to Challenge Michigan's Shall Issue Gun Law and Win Using the Equal Protection Clause as Applied

Daniel Olson, Fry 'Em Up: America's Violent Juveniles--What Should be Done with Them?

Bryan Proctor, Major League Baseball's Antitrust Exemption: Fair or Foul?

Kaya Salwin, The Failure of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency in Michigan: An Argument for an Individualized and Treatment Based Approach

Jeffrey VanderLaan, Logical Limitations: Loss of Spousal, Parental and Filial Consortium Claims

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