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Cases tagged as: due process clause

Boyer v. Louisiana

No. 11-9953, 2013 BL 112151 (U.S. Apr. 29, 2013) (PDF)

The Court initially granted cert to examine the defendant's right to a speedy trial where the indigent defendant required state counsel and where the court believed only issues of a lack of state funding for death penalty-qualified attorneys fees caused an almost seven year delay for trial. The court, however, dismissed 5-4 the writ of cert as improvidently granted (DIG) because of discovered other events that delayed trial, including defense continuance requests, Hurricane Rita, and pre-trial motions among others.

Related tag(s): 2012 Term, attorneys fees, due process clause, sixth amendment,

Turner v. Rogers

131 S. Ct. 2507 (2011) (PDF)

The Court held that indigent, noncustodial parents subject to a child support order are not constitutionally entitled to counsel at a civil contempt proceeding, even if the parent faces jail time.

Related tag(s): 2010 Term, ABA amicus brief filed, academic amicus brief filed, decision against ABA amicus brief, decision in favor of academic amicus brief, due process clause, right to counsel,

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