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During the 2009 term, Professor Renee Newman Knake noticed what seemed to be an unusually large number of cases involving lawyering issues before the United States Supreme Court. Indeed, the Court took up over 15 cases. In The Supreme Court’s Increased Attention to the Law of Lawyering: Mere Coincidence or Something More? 59 Am. Univ. L. Rev. 1499 (2010), she wrote about the cases, comparing them to the handful (or less) that the Court took up each term during the previous decade.

After her article was published, Professor Knake continued to track cases. She asked MSU Law Web Developer Stephen Klukowski to help design a tool so that anyone can create a list of lawyering cases taken up by the Supreme Court since the 2009 term.

Search for a particular topic or term by clicking a tag below. The tags are scaled in size according to the number of corresponding cases.

This is a free and open resource—please share it with anyone you think might be interested. We ask only that you cite the Kelly Institute Supreme Court Law of Lawyering Review if you publish materials based upon your use of this tool.

We welcome feedback. Want to point us to a case we might have missed, suggest additional tags, or provide other comments? Please contact Professor Knake at

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