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MSU College of Law

5th Annual Junior Scholars in Intellectual Property (JSIP) Workshop

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Michigan State University College of Law
Intellectual Property, Information & Communications Law Program (IPIC)

Wednesday and Thursday, May 30-31, 2012

The JSIP Workshop offers a unique opportunity for junior scholars* writing in the areas of intellectual property, communications, and cyberlaw to receive detailed commentary on their work from established scholars in a focused workshop setting. Articles will be chosen through a blind-review selection process. Participants are expected to attend the entire Workshop and to cover their own travel costs. Accommodation and meals will be provided by MSU Law.

2012 Group Photo

2012 Workshop Attendees


Christina Bohannan, University of Iowa College of Law
Michael W. Carroll, American University Washington College of Law
Kevin Emerson Collins, Washington University School of Law
Brett Frischmann, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
Eric Goldman, Santa Clara University School of Law
Paul Heald, University of Illinois College of Law
Charles R. McManis, Washington University School of Law
Joseph S. Miller, University of Georgia School of Law
Jennifer Rothman, Loyola Law School Los Angeles
Rebecca L. Tushnet, Georgetown University Law Center


Jorge L. Contreras
American University, Washington College of Law
Wait For It... Commons, Copyright and the Private (Re)Ordering of Scientific Publishing (PDF)

Elizabeth Townsend Gard
Tulane University Law School
Traditional Contours in Intellectual Property: Before and After Golan and Prometheus (PDF, updated: 5/21)

Deborah Gerhardt
University of North Carolina School of Law
Saving Archived Works from a Copyright No Man's Land (PDF)

Andrew Gilden
Stanford Law School
Catch 22 in the Rye: Copyright Essentialism and the Performativity of Remedies (PDF)

Christi J. Guerrini
University of Houston Law Center
The Decline of the Patent Registration Exam (PDF)

Megan M. La Belle
Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law
Patent Law as Public Law (PDF)

Christina Mulligan
Yale Law School
A Numerus Clausus Principle for Intellectual Property (PDF)

Christopher M. Newman
George Mason University School of Law
A License is Not a "Contract Not To Sue": Disentangling Property and Contract in the Law of Copyright Licenses (PDF)

Melissa F. Wasserman
University of Illinois College of Law
Michael D. Frakes
Cornell Law School
Does Agency Funding Affect Decisionmaking?: An Empirical Assessment of the PTO's Granting Patterns (PDF)

Jake Linford
Florida State University College of Law
Trademark Owner as Adverse Possessor (PDF)

MSU Law IPIC Program Host Faculty

Adam Candeub
Professor of Law & IPIC Program Director

Sean A. Pager
Associate Professor of Law & IPIC Program Associate Director

Daniel Martin Katz
Assistant Professor of Law

Jennifer Carter-Johnson
Assistant Professor of Law

Nancy A. Costello
Associate Clinical Professor of Law

For more information, contact Sean Pager at 517-432-6972 or

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* Eligible junior scholars have seven or fewer years full-time teaching experience.

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