MSU College of Law

3rd Annual Junior Scholars in IP Workshop

Commentator Assignments
Paper #TitleAuthor1st Commentator2nd CommentatorTopic
2 Pull Too Hard ...Providers For Copyright Infringement Lital Helman Loren Yen ©
6 Embedded Advertising and the Venture Consumer Zahr Stauffer Ghosh Madison FCC
10 Timing Is Everything...Design Genome Commons Jorge L. Contreras Madison Okediji commons
12 The People's Trade Secrets? David S. Levine Hardy Loren TS
16 Patenting by Entrepreneurs: An Empirical Study Ted Sichelman Burk Parchomovsky pat
21 Lanham Act Protection for Well-known Foreign Marks Lee Ann Lockridge Okediji Hardy TM
22 Patent Law and the Two Cultures Peter Lee O'Rourke Eisenberg pat
24 Costly Intellectual Property David Fagundes Parchomovsky Ghosh pat/©
25 Finding Invention Oskar Liivak Eisenberg Burk pat
26 Hackers' Aegis...Software Security Derek Bambauer Yen O'Rourke IP