International J.D. Students

Health Insurance

All international students are required to carry health insurance as a condition of enrollment at MSU Law. The insurance premium for student coverage is included on the tuition and fee statement every fall and spring semester. If you will purchase health insurance in your home country that will cover you in your home country, or if your sponsor is providing health insurance for you, it is possible to waive out of the mandatory policy if your coverage is equivalent. Bring an English version or English translation of your policy information with you when you come to campus. During Orientation, staff from the MSU Office of Human Resources will be available to help you fill out the waiver form if you have or will have health insurance through a non-MSU provider.

If you have dependents, you may choose to enroll them on your policy. We highly recommend that you do so. The only person automatically enrolled and billed for health insurance will be the student.

Rates: You will be tuition-billed by the Law College each semester for your insurance through Aetna Student Health Insurance

Rates will be published here in mid-summer as soon as we have them. Questions about dependent coverage should be addressed to the Michigan State University Human Resources Department at 800-353-4434. Feel free to also contact the Office of Graduate and International Programs.

Waiving your insurance:

Your policy must meet the requirements listed at

If your policy meets these requirements, you may request a waiver of the Aetna policy by filling out the waiver form at

If you have questions about your policy, you may call MSU’s Human Resources Office at 800.353.4434.

When you apply for a waiver, you will be required to submit a copy of your insurance policy in English.

Where to Go for Health Insurance

Always start by going to Olin Health Center, MSU’s clinic, or the Hubbard Hall Clinic (an extension of Olin). Make an appointment by calling 517-353-4660.

Hours are: M-F 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturdays 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Olin Health Center is located on East Circle Drive on the north end of campus between Berkey Hall and the Grand River parking ramp. Medical services are available year round.

The Olin Courtesy Van is available fall and spring semesters to transport students who, because of illness or injury, would have difficulty getting to and from the health center or the Hubbard Hall Clinic. This service is available to all students within a one-mile radius of the University. To reserve a ride, call 517-353-4700.

What To Do if You Get Sick Before You Get Your Aetna ID Card

Unless it’s an emergency, go to Olin and explain that you are an international student. If it is an emergency, go to Sparrow Hospital and explain that you are an international student and that you have Aetna insurance through MSU, but that you have not gotten your card yet. If they have questions, refer them to the MSU Human Resources Office at 800.353.4434.

Health Emergencies

If you are in a serious accident, have a medical emergency, or otherwise become injured or sick in a way that requires immediate attention, call 911 from your phone. The dispatcher will send an ambulance and rescue services for you.

Please only utilize 911 and hospital services in emergency situations. If you are simply not feeling well or do not require urgent attention, there are multiple other places to go that are considerably less expensive.

Health Care Facilities in East Lansing

There are different hospitals and clinics in the East Lansing area, but the university also provides health care services. The Olin Center is your best resource on campus. Olin provides medical care for students and their spouses during their enrollment at Michigan State University. For more information visit their website

If you cannot go to Olin, or do not wish to use Olin’s services, there are many Urgent Care/Redi-Med facilities in East Lansing, Lansing and the surrounding areas. One Urgent Care facility is located in the Frandor plaza area, on Clippert Street. Another close to campus is on Grand River Avenue in Okemos, near the Meridian Mall.



Contact the Office of Student Engagement at or stop by Room 308.